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Shamanic Reiki Session

Shamanic Reiki Session

PriceFrom €70.00

In the Shamanic Reiki Session, we use elements of chromotherapy, the Shamanic Sacred Pipe with Kumbaiá (mixture of plants), ancestral prayers together with Reiki symbols directing to your energetic cleansing, chakra alignment, reenergizing, blessing and protection of your being.

During the session it is possible to identify aspects of your life that should be getting more attention. By recognizing the possible patterns in your daily life that unbalance your being, you can consciously direct your attention to change these patterns.

Here is where the sessions take place:

26 Frederick St S, Dublin, D02 XP30, Irlanda


After the payment, I will contact you, so you can get your date booked. Or, you can contact me on WhatsApp:

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