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Forest Ceremony

Forest Ceremony


Honoring the spirits of the forest, the guardians of this medicine, and our ancestors, I will be opening our healing gathering with the sacred Rapeh medicine, brought from the Brazilian Amazon Forest. Rapeh is a deep grounding medicine that guides you on a inner journey of reconnection with our Mother Earth.


The Rapé and Sananga forest medicines, are used in sacred ceremony  to assist us to connects with all of our being to nature and life energy.  These ceremonies happens so we can have a moment of truth, to really see what is inside of us and learn how to deal with it, through the forest teachings.


Rapé is a powder made from the tobacco and other trees’ bark combinations. This tobacco is minced, burned and sieved several times to a powder consistency. This powder is blown in each of your nostrils during a ceremony.


Let’s have a beautiful grounding moment with

Mother Earth and her medicines 💚🌹🍀🌸☘️🌿🌱🍂🪴


**Caution: If you have any health conditions, please let me know before making the payment.



If you hear the forest medicine’s call, join  this South American native ceremony.


Here is where the sessions take place:

26 Frederick St S, Dublin, D02 XP30, Irlanda


After the payment, I will contact you, so you can get your date booked. Or, you can contact me on WhatsApp:


For group ceremonies and promotions:

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