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Tea Reading

Tea Reading

PreçoA partir de €45,00

Feeling lost? Not knowing where to go?

Not sure the best way?

What decisions to make?

Sometimes feeling stuck?


-The TEA READING can help you-


Online session (on zoom) - 90 min: €45

Presential session - 60 min: €70

Presential session - 90 min: €85


Online sessions are videocalls on Google Meets and we also use simuntaniously WhatsApp. You will aso be able to see the pictures just as it happens on the presencial sessions.


Presential sessions take place here:

26 Frederick St S, Dublin, D02 XP30, Irlanda


After the payment, I will contact you, so you can get your date booked. Or, you can contact me on WhatsApp:

  • The Tea Reading is an oracle that opens up as a sacred portal, through the herbal grandmothers' path. These ancient and wise spirits wish to connect with each one of us, sharing their secrets and teachings, to assist us in our individual and particular deep issues of our being, offering us the opportunity to observe things with a new perspective.

    In the Tea Reading session, we open a therapeutic communication channel between you and the herbs grandmothers. First we start a ritual to honour their wisdom and ask permission to open the oracle, then we take our teas and start the reading, in a session that lasts from 60min to 90min.

    The readings take place by video call or presential (address down below) and I show you all the figures that came up on the tea cup through the camera, so you can also feel connected with this wisdom.

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