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About me, Mana

My name is Debora, but you can call me Mana. I am an intuitive medium, holistic and shamanic therapist. Brazilian, granddaughter of Africans, Brazilian Natives, Italians and Spanish people, fascinated and passionate about the wisdom and teachings that Nature provides us.

In Brazil, 2016, I met native and Afro-Brazilian people and practices that put me in deep contact with my innerself, with my ancestry and I was taught about the power that Nature has when we use it with respect and wisdom. After this meeting, I felt that the life I led no longer made sense and that I needed to leave.

After a year immersed in my journey of self-knowledge and healing in Italy, I followed my heart and moved to Ireland. In this land so sacred, magical, full of history, power and traditions, I received the Tea Reading gift, to be used as therapy, to guide people. That was the healer who lives in me awakening.

In parallel with these experiences on the Emerald Island, I felt my own people's call, the Brazil's call, to honor my roots and ancestry. The wisdom of my own people came full of challenges, healing, learning about the Plant Kingdom and practices such as herbal baths, oils with plants, blessings, prayers, forest medicines. With all this knowledge, I was also tasked with sharing that.

Cisnear, then, was the creation of this sacred space for the constant healing process of myself and at the same time supporting everyone in their own healing processes. I put myself at the service of spirituality and the Universe to receive and share, with dedication to studies and practices, respect for those who own and share these ancestral wisdoms, sensitivity for all souls and their journeys and the main thing: a lot of love.


Ancestral knowledge guardian

I recognize the ancestry's strength  and the nature's power in the self-healing process.

The honor of this knowledge, together with the intuition, love and experiencing, allows us to create a powerful energy circle for our self inner conection.

We are nature in its abundance. From the Plant Kingdom, we borrow herbs to get healed, to feel strengthen and to receive teachings. From the Animal Kingdom, we learn to observe and invoke its qualities in ourselves. From the Mineral Kingdom, we channel and expand its energies. Nature is our guide in spiritual evolution and the key to our healing.


To know yourself is to see yourself in light and shadows, yin and yang, hot and cold, the Sun and The Moon. It is looking at oneself, accepting oneself, welcoming oneself and then, integrating all your pieces, so you can thruly feel whole.

This is a process the makes you feel the freedom, but that can go through places of fear and vulnerability.
Count on us to hold your hand, support and guide you throughout your self-healing journey.

Sharing the healing knowledge

My healing process goes through yours, just as the planet's healing goes through ours, after all: we are all together, as one.

Through knowledge and the experiencing the ancestral wisdoms, we get healing and evolution into practice: mine, yours, ours.

In Cisnear I promote holistic and shamanic therapies and products, always honoring these wisdoms and honoring your being. Uniting its strength to ours and through the union with the sacred nature elements, we get connected to the Universe to receive messages, advices, possible answers to choose wisely new paths and comfort for the deepest parts of our Beings.

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