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Cerimônia da Floresta

Holistic Therapies

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Hi, I'm Debora,

My name is Débora and my mission through Cisnear is to share ancestral knowledge from Brazil and South America through products, services and experiences that lead to self-awareness and physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

We believe in a world that supports organic products, fair trade, vegan (without animal testing), without plastics (from bottles to packaging we use recyclable and biodegradable items), in addition to valuing, rescuing, saving and sharing native ancestors and traditional knowledge .

Todos os produtos

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About Cisnear

"We are all one"

Cisnear is the sacred and safe space created for us to share the ancestral practices and nature`s wisdom. The place to receive, transform, share and serve the Universe. The space for the true (re) connection of our souls, to feel and heal one another.
In this space, we rescue the ancestral knowledge and sacred nature`s practices, and use them as guides in our self-healing and self-knowledge journeys.
We believe that in this way, we can live in essence, we can all get healed together and expand the Universe`s light.

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